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Ukraine, Kharkov

Vasiliya Stusa street, 21
+380663619376 (viber)

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Pricelist for our clinic's treatments

Denturist consultation free
Tooth X-ray 2 usd
Teeth cleaning (scaling and polishing) 25 usd
Anesthesia 5 usd
Tooth restoration 20-35 usd
Root canal treatment with the help of endomotor (1 canal) 10 usd
Obturation of one root canal by gutta-percha pins (lateral condensation) 10 usd
Vector-therapy (gums disease treatment – 1 treatment session) 70 usd
Denture From 80 usd
Porcelain fused to metal crown 60 usd
Porcelain crown (ceramics Emax) 200 usd
Veneer 200 usd
Porcelain fused to metal crown on implant 120 usd
Porcelain crown on implant 250 usd
Tooth exctraction 15 usd
Removal of wisdom teeth From 20 usd
Dental implant AlphaBio, AlphaDent (Israel) 300 usd
Dental implant Megagen (Korea) 350 usd
Dental implant Bio3 (Germany) 500 usd
Dental implant Bicon (USA) 800 usd
Metal braces (1 jaw) 215 usd
Ceramic braces (1 jaw) 285 usd
Sapphire braces (1 jaw) 320 usd
Metal self-ligating braces Damon Q (1 jaw) 600 usd
Ceramic self-ligating braces Damon 3 (1 jaw) 700 usd
Sapphire self-ligating braces Damon Clear (1 jaw) 700 usd